Birds Of Heaven

Gond Art Form It descends from heaven. The plume rises till the skies. The white feathers symbolize purity. The markings on the body are of stars, the gateway to Heaven.   DETAILS: SIZE: 14″*15″ MEDIUM:Continue reading

Silly Love

Santhal Art Form Remember being chased around by an infatuated lover. His silly antics and your acting coy. Looking back … today it all feels so silly   DETAILS: SIZE: 8″*13″ MEDIUM: Acrylic on HandContinue reading


Santhal Art Form Who doesn’t love a good gossip? The whispers in the ears and the little smile that it spreads on the lips. The more juicy ones are drummed around to one and all,Continue reading

Beauty & The Dark

 Gond Art Form The Deer is a beautiful animal loved for its agility and beauty. No sight is prettier then to spot a pretty gentle dove eyed deer in a dark jungle to a lostContinue reading

Colors of Life -Vinart

Colors of Life

Contemporary Art Form Everything that makes the universe tick is here. The Red sun, the Green lands & the Blue waters combine in different proportions to create all colors, all life forms and all music.Continue reading


Madhubani Art Form On a harsh summer afternoon when the green has dissoluted to dry browns, the little colorful bird chirps around reminding us that all is not lost yet.   DETAILS: SIZE: 15″*19″ MEDIUM:Continue reading

Gift of Waters- Madhubani Art Form- Vinart

Gift of Waters 1

Madhubani Art Form Fish is considered very auspicious as it is symbolic representation of Lord Vishnu, whose first incarnation was in the form of fish. Arranged in a colourful pattern in a flowery background, thisContinue reading

colors of Life- contemporary art form- vinart

Mosaic of Colors

  Contemporary Art Form He is Ganesha. He is the earth that stretches itself beyond imagination absorbing all the abuse that we put it to. He is also very calming. He is the chant thatContinue reading

Gentle Blaze- Madhubani Art For- Vinart

Gentle Blaze

Madhubani Art Form One stare from him can wither us away. Yet he is the gentlest of all. Smiling up there nurturing the life below and making it worthwhile.   DETAILS: SIZE: 12*12 inches MEDIUM:Continue reading

Forest-Gond Art form- Vinart


Gond Art Form The forest is dark and mystical. The tree limbs move up and around and forward but don’t seem to lead to anywhere. Its creatures have laid claim to their parts and waitContinue reading