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Unity Of Power

Unity Of Power

Madhubani Art Form

This painting shows the incarnation of Lord Shiva as half man and half woman symbolizing the union of Power (man) and Prakriti (nurturer woman). It is the eternal fusion of energies – destroyer and the producer / restorer. Ardhanareshwar also known as Ardhanarinateshwara – the lord of dance, is a half woman. It goes as Ammiappan in Tamil and Ardha Yuvatishvara in Assam.

In the modern world man and woman complete the other. With diminishing role differentiation, it symbolizes that today’s man has to have energies of both the ‘powerful’ who hunts or earns and that of a ‘nurturer’ who supports the family. At the same time while the woman who is a ‘nurturer’ has to have the ‘strength’ to support the family financials.


SIZE- 13*23 inches
MEDIUM- Acrylic on Hand Made Paper
PRICE- 4,500/-