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Salvation In Religion

Salvation In Religion

Warli and Madhubani Art Form

Warlis worship everything in nature-animate and inanimate- a combination of real animals, unseen imaginary gods with 4 hands, the sun, the moon, thunder, lightning, wind are their many forms of gods. Shiva, the all pervasive deity worshipped all over, is surely incomplete without Goddess Parvati. Ganesha with its auspicious symbols is very important during the Nuptial ceremony.

Each year is born in the Monsoon, for full bloom harvest, the Rain God- Narnadeva, and the birth is celebrated with Kamadi dance. When the harvest ripens- household gods- Hirva, Himai and Jhoting are worshipped. Rice is offered to the Goddess of Harvest. When the crop is stacked and stored, then it is the season of marriage and fertility-the goddess Palghat sits inside a Chaukat with various objects like light and energy related to a married woman.


SIZE- 25 x 33 inches
MEDIUM- Acrylic on Handmade Paper
PRICE- on request