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Blessed Harvests

Blessed Harvests

Warli Art Form.

Warli culture is also known as “Rice Culture”. Once the rice or millet crop is ready, it is offered during puja to the goddess Kansari.Each year is born, in the monsoon, for full bloom harvest, the Rain God – Narmadeva and the birth is celebrated with Kamadi dance. When harvest ripens, house gods – Hirva, Himai and Jhoting are worshipped.

Harvest time also marks music making with Tarpa (a musical instrument locally made from dried gourd/pumpkin/bamboo). The woman play the Tarpa stands in the middle and is surrounded by women dancing in a spiral. The painting tries to capture the beat, rhythm and dance.

A hamlet in the morning hours with the firewood lit, delicacies on the stove and grazing livestock. Farmers engaged in post harvest operations of milling, winnowing and dehusking millets. Stacks in the shape of huts are a store place for grains.


SIZE- 30″*24″

MEDIUM- Acrylic on Hand made Paper

PRICE- on request