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Universe (2)

CONTEMPORARY Everything that makes the universe tick is here. The red sun, the brown lands & the deep blue waters combine in different proportions to create all colors, all life forms and all music. The Gods leave their impressions, stars blaze and then die but life flies ahead. Mankind with its bloated ego is so
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Ecstatic Gopis

WARLI & PATACHITRA This is a mythological motif, a fusion of Patachitra and Warli, symbolizing love and fertility. It depicts the colourful Gopis in ecstatic circles mesmerized in Krisna’s love, dancing to bless the couple in love. SIZE- 24 X 26 Inches MEDIUM- Acrylic on Hand made Paper PRICE: ON REQUEST


WARLI WITH INFUSED DOKRA The home is the centre of our universe. Like the universe, the home entails a very complex intertwined eco system that is constantly evolving and churning thru a myriad of happenings. Home is also the place where the simplicity within ourselves is allowed to prosper SIZE- 25 X 34 Inches MEDIUM-
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Yesteryears’ Love

KALAMKARI The Love of yesteryears was a magical thing. It blossomed in gardens, by the riverside and on sandy beaches. It played genial music in the mind thru which the heart drifted to the lands of eternal beauty. It thrived thru the written word on paper and the harbringer of the message was way too
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Ageing Together

SANTHAL- A Set of Four The Beginning The Easy Part Growing Complexity All That Matters Lasting companionship is the most beautiful thing in life. In the beginning its all about the dreams and little else matters. Its also a relationship of equals. Time goes by, life begins to involve more and yet is quite easy.
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Gond MADHUBANI Ganesha is the personification of innocence and wisdom, the deity of auspicious beginnings and the remover of obstacles. The elephant headed God is in all his grandeur and valor. Ganesha gets his name from the Lord (Ish) of all existing beings (Gana) after winning a contest from his brother Kartikay. When given a
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The Meek Still Rule

Gond It’s a jungle out there. The forest is full of dark trees into whose limbs the tiny bird could be lost. It is also full of slithery serpents and striped tigers. In the dark the limbs of the trees, the serpents and the tiger all become indistinguishable. Yet the pretty little birds know how
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Beauty In The Dark (2)

Gond The Deer is a beautiful animal loved for its agility and beauty. No sight is prettier then to spot a gentle dove eyed deer in a dark jungle to a lost soul. The little colourful birds hide in the dark waiting for the dawn when they could chirp away into the skies   DETAILS:
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Gift of waters (2)

Madhubani infused with Dokra In many parts of the country fish is considered very auspicious as it is symbolic of Lord Vishnu, whose first incarnation was in the form of a fish. Arranged in a colourful pattern in a flowery background, this denotes an expression of belief of survival, symbol of love, fertility and continuity.
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Serenity (2)

Warli Art Form Woman is the heart and soul of life in the family sowing the seeds of fearlessness in the child. She tells the child not to be fearful of the animals, birds or any other element of nature. She teaches the child not to flee from the “forces of nature” but to live
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